Climate Change and Australian Bushfires 氣候變化與澳洲森林大火

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Global News – MAP: Here’s where Australia’s wildfires are currently burning – January 2, 2020

Video Transcripts:

Australia is on fire
Bushfire is nothing new in Australia, but this summer has been one of the hottest and driest in the country’s history. Since September, the combination of drought and unpleasant heat waves and strong gusty winds has created a recipe for disasters fire condition. On top of that, the smoke from bushfires generates its own weather – sparkling thunder storm, lightening and strong winds, which created even more wildfires. Scientists have been predicting such extreme weather for years, warning that bushfires will become even more frequent as climate change worsens.

森林大火在澳洲並不新奇,但今年是該國歷史上最熱、最乾的夏天之一。自9月以來,乾旱、令人不快的熱浪以及強烈的陣風造成了這災難性火災。最重要的是,叢林大火本身產生的煙霧也形成了自己的天氣 – 閃閃的雷雨、閃電和強風造成更多的野火。多年來,科學家一直在預測這種極端天氣,並警告:隨著氣候變化的加劇,森林大火的發生將變得更加頻繁。

bushfire = 森林大火
drought = 乾旱
gusty wind = 陣風
climate change = 氣候變化