Young People – World’s Hope of Future 年輕人-世界未來的希望 (聯合國新年賀詞)

今天學習的新年賀詞視訊 –
2020 United Nations New Year Message – by United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres

Video Transcripts:

We enter 2020 with uncertainty and insecurity all around. Persistent inequality and rising hatred. A warring world and a warming planet. Climate change is not only a long-term problem but a clear and present danger. And we cannot afford to be the generation that fiddled while the planet burned.

But there is also hope.

This year, my New Year’s message to the greatest source of that hope: the world’s young people.

From climate action to gender equality to social justice and human rights, your generation is on the frontline and in the headlines. I am inspired by your passion and determination. You are rightly demanding a role in shaping the future. And I am with you. The United Nations stands with you – and belongs to you.

2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the United Nations. We are launching a Decade of Action for the Sustainable Development Goals, our blueprint for a fair globalization. This year, the world needs young people to keep speaking out. Keep thinking big. Keep pushing boundaries. And keep up the pressure.

I wish you peace and happiness in 2020.





從氣候行動到兩性平等再到社會正義和人權,你們這一代都是在前線和頭條新聞。你們的熱情和決心讓我深受振奮鼓舞。你們正確地要求在塑造未來方面具一有角色。我和你們在一起。聯合國和你們在一起 – 聯合國屬於你們。

2020年是聯合國成立第75週年。我們正在啟動一個 “為可持續發展目標行動十年” 計劃,這是我們實現公平全球化的藍圖。