Story of Yanxi Palace – The Most Googled Show in 2018「延禧攻略」2018年全球最多人 Google 的電視節目

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BBC – Yanxi Palace: The most Googled show on Earth – December 23, 2018



儘管 Google 在中國受到封鎖,但該國的「延禧攻略」卻是2018年全球最多人 Google 的電視節目。

搜索引擎的分析表示: 對該劇的最大興趣群來自新加坡、馬來西亞、文萊和香港等亞洲地區。然而,它在中國大陸也是同樣受到壓倒性的歡迎。











節目中的演員, 除了一位願意擔任配角的香港女演員佘詩曼外都不是很有名。

It has love but also hatred, intrigue, revenge, poisoning rivals and even killing babies.

The Chinese drama Story of Yanxi Palace is the most Googled TV show of 2018 globally, despite Google being largely blocked in the country.

The search engine’s analytics suggested that the top interest in the drama has come from Asian regions like Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Hong Kong, but its popularity in mainland China has been overwhelming as well.

The 70-episode Story of Yanxi Palace fictionalised the power struggles among the concubines of Emperor Qianlong in the 1700s.

The protagonist, a smart girl with a humble background, manages to rise through the ranks among the harem and wins both love and respect from the emperor.

It catches up with a trend of feminist shows

The heroine of the show, Wei Yingluo, is unlike most traditional Chinese female characters who are taught to be tolerant, submissive and fragile.

But her intelligence, determination and appropriate ferocity meant she was eventually granted her the title of imperial noble consort, the highest possible position for a Han person at that time.

Yingluo’s most famous line from the show goes like this : “I, Wei Yingluo, am naturally hot-tempered and not to be pushed around. Whoever keeps talking [nonsense], I have all kinds of methods to go against her.”

It didn’t face much censorship

Before the show aired on TV screens, it was shown online.

The co-producer and initial distributor of the series, iQiyi, is one of China’s most popular online video platforms – helping the show gain large traffic and, more importantly, easier regulatory scrutiny for its debut.

Low-cost cast, high-quality production

No actor in the show is very famous, except for one Hong Kong actress, Charmaine Sheh, who was willing to play a supporting role.

Story of Yanxi Palace = 「延禧攻略」
fictionalise 【美】= fictionalize 【英】= 把…編成故事
power struggle = 權力鬥爭
concubine = 妾
Emperor Qianlong = 乾隆皇帝
protagonist = 主角
harem = 後宮
feminist = 女權主義的; 女權主義者
heroine = 女主角
tolerant = 寬容的
submissive = 順從的
fragile = 脆弱的
intelligence = 智慧
determination = 決心
ferocity = 兇暴
imperial = 皇帝
noble = 崇高的
consort = 王的配偶
imperial noble consort = 貴妃
censorship = 審查
scrutiny = 監督
debut = 首播
cast = 演員陣容
production = 製作 攝製