Bruno Mars Encourages Boys and Girls Don’t Give Up on Sesame Street 火星人布魯諾鼓勵孩子們不要輕易放棄

今天學習的影片 –
Sesame Street: Bruno Mars: Don’t Give Up
Source: Sesame Street

LYRIC (歌詞) :
You feel like quitting, 你想放棄,
You feel you’re through. 你覺得你已經完了。
Well, I have some advice for you: 我有一些建議給你:
Don’t give up, 不要放棄,
Keep on trying, 繼續嘗試,
You’are going to make it. 你會成功的。
I ain’t lying. 我沒說謊。
Don’t give up, 不要放棄,
Don’t ever quit. 永不罷休,
Try and try, and you’ll get through it! 試了再試, 你會成功的!
Don’t give up. 不要放棄。

If you want to catch a ball, 如果你想接個球,
but you’re having no luck at all. 但你運氣一點也不好。
The ball hits your head 球打到了你的頭
It hits your nose 球打到你的鼻子
It hits your belly, your chin and toes 球擊中你的肚子,下巴和腳趾。
Well, try and try and try again. 嗯,你要繼續試著接啊,試一次、試兩次。
Keep on trying, and soon then you’ll put your hands out in the air. 一直試,你很快就學會把手伸高
You’ll catch that ball. Yes, this I swear! 這樣我保證你一定會接到球的!
Don’t give up. 不要放棄
Keep on going. 繼續努力

You’re on a boat, so keep on rowing. 你在船上,要划槳前行。
Don’t give up. 不要放棄
Don’t ever stop. 不要停下
Just try and try, and you’ll come out on top. 就這樣一直划一直划,你的船會划在最前面。
Don’t give up. 不要放棄

If you got yourself roller skates, 如果你有雙溜冰鞋,
you put them on, and you’ll feel great. 穿上它讓你感覺很棒 。
Stand up, but then you fall, don’t think you can skate at all. 但你一站起來就跌倒,你認為你完全不能溜冰。
Get back up, and then you trip. 再站起來你又絆倒。
You skip and tip and slip and flip. 你踮著腳、蹦蹦跳跳、滑跤、不穩地溜。
Well, try and try and try some more, 嗯,接著試啊,試一次、試兩次、多試幾次
and soon you’re skating cross the floor. 很快你就能從這一邊溜到另一邊。
Don’t give up. 不要放棄
Keep on moving. 繼續溜
You’re going to get there! 你一定會成功!
Just keep on grooving. 就這樣一直盡情享受
Don’t give up. 不要放棄

Don’t pack it in. 不要放棄
Try and try, and you will win. 試一次、試兩次、一直試你就會贏!
Don’t give up. 不要放棄
No, no, no, no, don’t give up. 不要.. 不要放棄
No, no, no, no, don’t give up. 不要.. 不要放棄
No, no, no, don’t give up. 不要.. 不要放棄