Bank of Canada Issues New $10 Note for Canada’s 150th Birthday 加拿大發行印有以原住民和女性為標記的10元鈔票

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THE STAR: Bank of Canada unveils new $10 note for 150th anniversary – April 7, 2017


鈔票正面是四位聯邦政治人物: 第一位加國總理 John A. Macdonald,加拿大聯邦之父 George-Étienne Cartier,加拿大第一位女國會議員 Agnes MacPhail,及加拿大第一位原住民參議員 James Gladstone。加拿大中央銀行指出,這四位人物對塑造國家有重要貢獻。

Macfail 是加拿大第一位女議員,也是平權主義及人權主義的提倡者,擁護者。 她在1921年首次當選議員,後來又進入省政府,在1943年在安大略立法機構獲得了席位。

Gladstone, 大家較熟知他的原住民名字 “Akay-na-muka”。他是凱奈族原住民,一直為原住民權益奮鬥。他在1958年成為第一位被命名為參議院的原住民。




indigenous Canadian: 加拿大原住民
commemorative: 紀念的
bank note: 鈔票
currency: 貨幣
captivate: 著迷
instill: 灌輸
parliamentarian: 國會議員
federal political figure: 聯邦政治人物
counterfeit: 偽造 (prevent counterfeiting 防止偽造)

The new $10 note will mark the first time an indigenous Canadian and a woman other than the Queen will feature on Canada’s currency.

The front of the bill depicts the faces of four federal political figures the Bank says helped shape the country: Sir John A. Macdonald, Sir George-Etienne Cartier, Agnes Macphail and James Gladstone.

Macphail, a champion of equality and human rights, was Canada’s first female member of Parliament. First elected in 1921, she later went on to provincial politics, winning a seat in the Ontario legislature in 1943.

Gladstone, known by his Blackfoot name Akay-na-muka, was a member of the Kainai, or Blood, First Nation who fought for indigenous rights. In 1958, he became the first person of First Nations origin to be named to the Senate.

The note marking the country’s 150th anniversary, to be released before summer, will be a commemorative and won’t replace the existing design.

Its front also carries images of Parliament’s Hall of Honour, the names of all the provinces and territories and a depiction of the Memorial Chamber Arch in the Peace Tower.

The arch includes a colour-shifting security feature designed to prevent counterfeiting. There are also maple leaves that appear to be 3D, but are flat to the touch.