Statement By City of Vancouver – Zero Tolerance For Hatred, Racism And Discrimination 溫哥華市政府對仇恨和種族主義的零容忍聲明

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CITY OF VANCOUVER: Statement of clarification about Saturday’s planned protests – August 17, 2017



按照 「權利和自由憲章」,市政府不能阻止人民在公共地面上集會和行使言論自由權。市政府清楚,言論自由是有限制的。在刑法規定下,公開發表煽動對任何可識別群體的仇恨行為是違法的行為。不太可能提前知道星期六的抗議活動中是否會發生任何有關違反法律的仇恨言論,但所有的狀況將會受到密切監控。市政府沒有管轄權或執行刑法的權力。



ahead of: 在.. 之前
minimize: 最小化
rally: 集會
protest: 抗議活動
Charter of Rights and Freedoms: 權利和自由憲章
prevent.. from: 阻止
Criminal Code: 刑法規定
incite: 煽動
hatred: 仇恨
racism: 種族主義
discrimination: 歧視
identifiable group: 可識別的群體
exercise: 行使
right of freedom of expression: 言論自由權
precautions: 預防措施
reconciliation: 和諧
zero tolerance: 零容忍

Ahead of Saturday’s planned protests, the City of Vancouver continues to work with the Vancouver Police Department to monitor the situation and minimize any risk to the public.

The City does not issue permits for any rallies or protests, however, these events frequently take place on the grounds of City Hall, which is public property.

In accordance with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the City cannot prevent people from assembling on public property for the purpose of exercising their right of freedom of expression. The City recognizes that there are limitations on free speech and that it is an offence under the Criminal Code to make statements in public which incite hatred against any identifiable group. It is not possible to know in advance whether any speech that may occur at Saturday’s protests will violate laws which relate to hate speech but the situation will be closely monitored. The City has no jurisdiction or authority to enforce the Criminal Code.

The individuals or groups organizing the planned protests have not contacted the City, however, because we are aware of their plans, we are putting a number of precautions in place including traffic management.

As a City of Reconciliation, Vancouver has zero tolerance for hatred and racism and discrimination. These abhorrent attitudes have no place in our city and we expect any protest to be conducted in a peaceful, safe and non-violent manner.