12-Year-Old Yazidi Boy Reunited with Family in Canada After Being ISIS Captive for 3 Years 被伊斯蘭國抓走三年的12歲亞茲迪教男孩,與母親在加拿大團聚

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GLOBAL NEWS: Yazidi boy captured by ISIS reunited with his mother at Winnipeg airport – August 17, 2017


星期四上午,一名12歲的亞茲迪教男孩(Emad Tamo)被ISIS武裝分子在伊拉克北部囚禁三年後,在溫尼伯機場與他的母親重聚。

Emad Tamo的家人在2014年被ISIS抓走,也因此他與家人分散。他的母親和四個兄弟姐妹後來設法逃脫,並在加拿大溫尼伯以難民身分尋求庇護。那時家人認為Emad已死了。



他的母親說: “我非常感謝加拿大政府所做的一切,及現在所有在這裡的人、幫助過我們的人。我們三年沒見面了… 這很難,因為他被俘了很長時間。我現在很高興。”

Yazidi: 亞茲迪教 (庫德人一部分的宗教少數民族)
captured by: 被(某人.組織)抓走
captive: 受俘虜的人
militants: 武裝分子
escape: 逃走
reunite: 團聚
siblings: 兄弟姐妹
asylum: (政治)庇護
sought asylum: 尋求庇護
terminal: 機場航廈

Emad Tamo was separated from his family in 2014 after his family was captured by ISIS. His mother and four siblings, who are Yazidi refugees, managed to escape and sought asylum in Winnipeg. The family thought Emad was dead.

Emad’s picture popped up on social media in July after the battle of Mosul, when Iraqi forces were tending to him.

With the help of the Canadian government, Emad boarded a plane to Canada and arrived in Winnipeg early Thursday morning.

“I am very thankful for everything the Canadian government has done and for everyone who is here right now and who has helped us,” she said. “I haven’t seen him in three years… it’s is very hard because he’s been held captive for long. I am very happy.”