Protect Your Child on Social Media 三種方式保護你的孩子不在社群媒體上被霸凌

今天學習的新聞 (請打開下面的鏈接閱讀完整的文章)
GET CYBER SAFE BLOG: Three ways to protect your child’s privacy on social media – August 1, 2017

privacy: 隱私
social media: 社交媒體
digital natives: 天生的數碼人
social life: 社群生活
milestone: 里程碑
peer-to-peer: 點對點
intimate: 親密的 熟悉的
privacy setting: 隱私設定
permissions: 許可 同意
customize: 訂制
terms of use: 使用條款
community guidelines: 社群準則

As digital natives, young people conduct much of their social life online. They talk to each other, play games, and share important events and milestones on social media, on online forums, and through peer-to-peer texting and photo/video sharing applications. In this sharing environment, it’s easy to overshare and give strangers too much access to personal or intimate information.
作為天生的數碼人,年輕人大部分的社交活動都在網路上。 他們在社交媒體、論壇和透過點對點短信和照片/視頻分享應用程式中互相交談、玩遊戲、並分享重要的活動和里程碑。在這種分享環境中,很容易分享過多的個人訊息給陌生人。

How can you help children and youth protect their privacy online? It starts with a conversation. Here are three ways to talk to young people about privacy:
您如何幫助及保護兒童和青少年在網路上的隱私? 這裡有三種用聊天的方式開始與年輕人談論什麼是個人隱私:

1. Learn about where your child spends his or her time online by asking them questions about the sites they visit, games they play, what apps they download, and who they talk to online. Consider trying the sites and apps yourself to see how they work.
1. 用些問題問問及了解您的孩子上網的時間都花在哪里 – 他們瀏覽的網站、他們玩的遊戲、他們下載什麼應用程式、及他們都在線上和誰聊天。考慮試著自己到那些網站,用用他們下載的應用程式並看看它們是如何運作的。

2. Sixty-five per cent of teens have never had a privacy policy explained to them. When using social media or creating accounts online, teach your child to pay attention to permissions and privacy settings. This helps control who can see their information, and what they see.
2. 百分之六十五的青少年從未有人向他們解釋過什麼是隱私政策。請教您的孩子,在使用社交媒體或在線上設立帳戶時,注意權限和個人的隱私設定。 這有助於控制誰可以看到他們的資料訊息,以及誰可以看到什麼樣的訊息。

3. As with privacy policies, most children have never had a Terms Of Use (TOU) policy explained to them. Terms of Use explain what the user’s responsibilities are (including community guidelines) as well as giving the administrators permission to use certain information or media provided by the user.
3. 與隱私政策一樣,大多數兒童從未有人對他們解釋過什麼是使用條款政策。使用條款政策說明了用戶的責任是什麼(包括社群準則),以及許可管理員使用由用戶提供的某些資料或媒體。