Marine Dog with Cancer Gets a Tearful Hero’s Farewell 向美國海軍陸戰隊在阿富汗服役英雄狗告別

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MAIL ONLINE NEWS: Cancer-stricken Marine dog who served three tours in Afghanistan is given a tearful hero’s farewell in Michigan before being euthanized – July 27, 2017


狗主人的名: Jeff DeYoung
狗的名: Cena
cancer-stricken: 得了癌症
Afghanistan: 阿富汗
farewell: 告別
euthanize: 使安樂死
a bucket list: 死前要做完成的事的清單
pooch: 狗
diagnosed with bone cancer: 診斷出骨癌
a bomb-sniffer: 一隻炸彈偵測狗
combat tour: 戰鬥之旅
post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): 創傷後壓力障礙症
start off: 開始
canine: 犬
tilled over: 翻過的

Cena, a 10-year-old black lab, was given a tearful final goodbye in Michigan on Wednesday before he was euthanized.
一隻10歲的拉布拉多獵犬 Cena, 星期三在密西根安樂死前得到了一個充滿淚水的最後的告別。

The cancer-stricken dog served three tours in Afghanistan with the US Marines.

Cena was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bone cancer two weeks ago.
兩週前,Cena 被診斷患有侵略性骨癌。

His owner Lance Cpl. Jeff DeYoung immediately started a bucket list for the dying pooch.
他的狗主人 Jeff DeYoung 立即為這隻垂死的狗開始了死前要做完成的事的清單。

Hundreds of people said goodbye to Cena as he wore a decorated Marine vest.
數以百計的人對穿著海軍陸戰隊背心的 Cena 說再見。

A tearful DeYoung carried Cena’s body away covered in a US flag after the dog was put to sleep.
淚流滿面的狗主人 DeYoung 帶著覆蓋美國國旗睡著後 Cena 的身體離去。