Facebook First Lady Priscilla Chan is Ready to Change Education and End Disease 臉書第一夫人普莉希拉陳和祖克柏開始慈善事業改革教育及醫療

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RECODE NEWS: Priscilla Chan is running one of the most ambitious philanthropies in the world – July 10, 2017


philanthropy: 慈善事業
undergrad: 大學生
Chief Operating Officer (COO): 營運總監
ignite: 點燃
pediatrician: 小兒科醫師
well-funded: 資金雄厚的
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI): 陳祖克柏行動計畫
colloquially: 口語
pledge: 誓言 許諾
preeminent: 卓越的
endowment: 資助
de facto: 事實上的
helm: 掌舵 指揮
suburb: 近郊住宅區
expel: 開除
compass: 指南針
contagious: 感染性的
rolls up (her) sleeves: 捲起袖子
ascribe: 把… 歸咎於
alpha: 開端
limelight: 眾人注目的中心
Cantonese-speaking grandparents: 說粵語的祖父母
valedictorian: (畢業典禮時)致告別辭的學生代表
devour: 狼吞虎嚥地吃
memos: 備忘錄
grinder: 研磨機 磨碎機
prop up: 支撐 支持
motive: 動機

She was a 21-year-old undergrad at Harvard College working at an after-school program for students from a nearby low-income housing project. One of those students, a young girl, had gone missing for a few days. When she returned, Chan was shocked to find that the girl’s two front teeth were broken.

Known more colloquially as CZI, the relatively new effort has an ambitious tagline: “Advancing human potential and promoting equal opportunity.” Practically, that means Chan and Zuckerberg are focused on improving industries like education, medicine and even the criminal justice system. Some of their efforts have been straightforward and should have an immediate impact. Earlier this year, for example, CZI donated roughly $3 million to a nonprofit that gives students around the country free eye exams and glasses.
“陳祖克柏行動計畫” 的雄心標語說出了他們新的努力目標: “提高人類潛力和促進平等機會。” 實際上,這意味著陳和祖克柏的把重點放在改善教育、醫藥甚至刑事司法系統。他們一些的努力是很直接的,可以立即產生影響。例如,”陳祖克柏行動計畫” 捐了大約300萬美元給一個非營利組織,用於提供給全國各地的學生做免費的眼睛檢查和配眼鏡。

“She’s been like a compass, probably, for him, and a partner when you can’t trust anyone else in the world,” said Diane Tavenner, CEO of Summit Public Schools, a CZI partner. “[She’s] the person who really can be honest and give feedback and who he respects and listens to no matter what. And I think everyone needs that.”
Summit公立學校執行長及 “陳祖克柏行動計畫” 的合作夥Diane Tavenner說: “對他來說,她是一個指南針, 當時你不能相信任何人的時候, 她是一個夥伴。她可以誠實的給一些反饋。無論什麼事,他都尊重和傾聽她。我想我們每個人都需要這個。”

In fact, both Chan and Zuckerberg believe they got to where they are today, not just because they’re both incredibly smart and worked hard, but because they caught lucky breaks along the way that many people don’t get, a kernel insight that seems to prop up both of their motives.

“If I had to support my family growing up instead of having the time to learn how to code, if I didn’t know that I was going to be fine if Facebook didn’t work out, then I wouldn’t be standing up here today,” Zuckerberg said
祖克柏說: “如果我必須養家,而不是花時間學習寫編碼; 如果我不知道如果Facebook沒有做成功,我還是可以過的很好,那麼我今天不會站在這裡。”