Taiwan to Launch Its Own Domestically Developed Satellite FORMOSAT-5 台灣8月25日將發射自己研發生產的衛星”福爾摩沙衛星五號

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MAIL ONLINE NEWS: Taiwan to launch its first self-developed satellite: FORMOSAT 5 will be carried into space by a US rocket for a five-year cosmic mission – July 20, 2017


launch: 發射
self-developed: 自己研發的
satellite: 衛星
FORMOSAT 5: 福爾摩沙衛星五號
US rocket: 美國火箭
cosmic mission: 宇宙使命
Taiwan’s National Space Organization (NSPO): 國家太空中心
Vandenburg Air Force Base in California: 加州范登堡空軍基地
Space-X: 太空探索科技公司
Falcon 9 rocket: 獵鷹9號火箭
private aerospace company: 私營航天公司
embark: 從事

Satellite was sent to the US on July 19 where it will be launched from California
7月17號衛星送往美國, 衛星將在加州發射。

The first developed satellite will be launched into space on August 25

It is being carried into orbit by Space-X’s Falcon 9 rocket

Taiwan officials say the satellite will monitor ‘earthly activities’
台灣官員說: 這顆衛星將用於監測”地球的活動”。