Fremont, California – The Least Stressed-Out City in the US 加州的費利蒙獲評為美國最少壓力的城市

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By Jason Green, THE MERCURY NEWS: Fremont named least-stressed city in U.S. – July 18, 2017


populous: 人口稠密
the fourth-most populous city: 第四個人口最稠密的城市
least-stressed: 最少壓力的
the most stressed: 最大壓力的
factors: 因素
personal-finance: 個人財務
metric: a standard of measurement: 測量標準
councilman: 市議員
U.S. Census Bureau: 美國人口普查局
credit score: 信用評分
affordable housing: 負擔得起的房子
prosperity: 繁榮
commute times: 通勤時間
urbanize: 城市化
influential: 有影響力的
de-stressed: 去壓力的 減輕壓力的

The fourth-most populous city in the Bay Area recently topped WalletHub’s list of least-stressed cities in the United States.
加州灣區第四個人口最稠密的城市最近上了 WalletHub 的名單, 獲評為美國最少壓力的城市。

Analysts with the personal-finance website recently compared the 150 largest cities across 30 key metrics, including average weekly work hours to debt load to divorce and suicide rates.
這個個人財務網站的分析師最近用30個關鍵指標比較了150 個最大城市的, 其中包括每週平均工作時間、債務、離婚率和自殺率。

“Marriage is highly valued,” he said. “I think everybody wants to keep their families together.”
市議員 Raj Salwan 說: “婚姻是被高度重視的。我想每個人都想和家人在一起。”