Google’s People + AI Research (PAIR) 下一波的人工智慧計劃工程

今天學習的新聞 (請打開下面的鏈接閱讀完整的文章)
By Katharine Schwab, CO.DESIGN: Google’s Next Design Project? Artificial Intelligence – July 13, 2017


artificial intelligence: 人工智慧
to integrate AI into our everyday lives: 將人工智慧融合到我們日常的生活中
initiative: 開始的
People + AI Research (PAIR): 人和人工智慧結合一體的研究
rein in: 勒住, 控制
distilling user-centric design principles: 提煉以用戶為中心的設計原則
casual users: 一般使用者
ultimate goal: 最終目標
paradigm: 典範, 完備的理論
data visualization: 數據可視化
esoteric: 深奧
algorithms: 算法
trustworthy: 可信賴的
psychotherapist: 心理治療師
scroll bar: 滾動條

A new initiative at Google, called People + AI Research (PAIR), is the company’s attempt to rein in its horses and focus on distilling user-centric design principles to govern interactions between humans and artificially intelligent systems.
Google 新的一項工程計劃叫做: 人和人工智慧結合一體的研究 (People-AI Research,PAIR)。這是 Google 試圖控制好馬匹的韁繩, 專注於提煉以用戶為中心的設計原則來管理人與人工智能系統之間的相互作用。

the way that people interact with technology is fundamentally shifting. AI and machine learning are unlike any other technological paradigm in that they can change without their creators’ input.
人們與科技互動的方式是根本上的轉變。 人工智慧和機器學習不同於任何其他科技理論,他們可以在沒有創作者輸入命令的情況下進行改變。

“You’re given the rules, you know the different behaviors; they don’t necessarily evolve in the same ways that machine learning systems can evolve. That’s part of the opportunity, to understand how do you design for that new kind of interaction.” – Viégas
“你知道規則, 你知道各種不同的行為表現; 它們並不一定需要像機器學習系統演化的方式發展。 這是一種機會, 用以了解你如何為這種新的相互作用來作設計。” – Viégas

“We saw the technology go from something that’s fairly esoteric and used by researchers to something that’s part of everyday culture.” – Wattenberg
“我們看到科技從一些非常深奧的東西, 被科研人員運用變成日常文化的一部分。” – Wattenberg

PAIR will focus its research on three main user groups: engineers and machine learning experts, domain experts who might benefit from using AI (like scientists, doctors, or musicians), and everyday people without technical expertise in machine learning.
PAIR 將把研究集中於三個主要用戶群: 工程師和機器學習專家, 各個可能受益於使用人工智慧領域的專家 (如科學家,醫生或音樂家), 以及沒有機器學習技術專長的一般大眾。

The benefits for Google are clear: PAIR will help it understand more about users of AI and move the technology forward.
這給 Google 帶來許多明顯的好處: PAIR (人和人工智慧結合一體的研究) 將幫助 Google 更了解人工智慧使用者, 以期能將技術更向前推進。

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