Canuck the Crow Is Going To Work This Summer in Vancouver 烏鴉 Canuck 要上班了! 每小時加幣 $12.27

今天學習的新聞 (請打開下面的鏈接閱讀完整的文章)
CTV NEWS: Crow with a career? Canuck to earn $12.27/hour ‘working’ at the PNE – July 13, 2017


fair: 露天遊樂場
PNE: Pacific National Exhibition: 太平洋國家展覽會
flighty: 任性的
well-known: 知名的
payroll: 工資表
celebrity: 明星
headlines: 頭條新聞
pester: 糾纏
patron: 顧客
swoop: 猛撲
Canada Post: 加拿大郵政局
crime scene: 犯罪現場
injured on purpose: 有意傷害
controversy: 爭議
cotton candy: 棉花糖
to brighten their days: 照亮他們的日子
poses for selfies: 為自己的姿勢
a jokester: 喜歡開玩笑的人
mischievous: 惡作劇
good attitude: 好的態度
willingness: 意願
a starting salary of: 起薪

The Pacific National Exhibition announced this week that well-known East Vancouver resident Canuck the crow has been added to its payroll.
太平洋國家展覽會本周宣布: 知名的東溫哥華居民 Canuck 烏鴉已經加入其工資表。

Canuck is a bit of a celebrity in the area, and has made headlines ranging from pestering McDonald’s patrons and swooping at Canada Post worker to hitching a free ride on the SkyTrain and stealing a knife from a crime scene.
Canuck 是該地區的明星,經常成為新聞頭條: 從糾纏麥當勞的顧客, 撲向加拿大郵政工作人員趕搭免費捷運, 到從犯罪現場竊取凶刀。

He’s been known to spend time with staff members tasked with doling out cotton candy: “They’ll be serving a customer and he’ll walk in, get up on the cash register and hit the buttons on the cash register. It is like he works there.”
他 (Canuck) 將和工作人員一起拉出棉花糖: “他們會服務顧客 – 他會走進去,站在收銀機上, 按收銀機上的按鈕, 就像他在那工作一樣。”

“We require a good attitude and a willingness to work and we’ll provide a fantastic job experience,” said Stacy Shields, PNE vice president of human resources.
太平洋國家展覽會(PNE)人力資源部副總裁 Stacy Shields 說: “我們需要有良好工作態度和意願者的加入, 我們將提供他們一個極棒的工作經驗。”

The bird will work in a number of roles, earning a starting salary of $12.27 per hour. The money will be based on his number of hours “worked,” and the crow’s wages will be donated directly to the Night Owl Bird Hospital, where Canuck received care back in March after an attack at Adanac Park.
這隻鳥將工作在一些角色,起薪每小時加幣 $12.27, 以實際 “工作時間” 來算。烏鴉的這筆工資將直接捐贈給 “夜貓子鳥醫院” 這醫院是 Canuck 今年3月在 Adanac 公園遭到攻擊後照顧的他醫院。

The Night Owl Bird Hospital

Night Owl is fully staffed year-round, 24 hours a day, and provides emergency care and other services for pet birds. Its owner helped care for 600 birds when the World Parrot Refuge in Coombs, B.C. closed its doors last August, until homes could be saved for the parrots found in distress.

“夜貓子鳥醫院”: 24小時全天候為鳥類提供緊急護理和其他服務。去年8月B.C.省Coombs 社區的 “世界鸚鵡避難所” (World Parrot Refuge) 關閉時, “夜貓子鳥醫院” 的主人幫助過 600 隻鳥, 直到那些在災難中獲救的鸚鵡們找到家。

Photo credit: Report Canada