In-Flight Wi-Fi is a Future Trend Offered by Commercial Aircraft 預計2022年超過一半的商用飛機將提供機上無線網路 Wi-Fi

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JUNIPER RESEARCH: In-Flight Wi-Fi to be Offered on Over Half of Commercial Aircraft by 2022, As BYOD Dominates the Skies – July 12, 2017


In-Flight Wi-Fi: 機上無線網路
BYOD: bring your own device: 帶你自己的設備裝置
adoption: 採用
security concerns: 安全顧慮
whitepaper: 白皮書
disruptor: 干擾物
stakeholders: 利益相關者
in-flight entertainment: 機上娛樂系統
seatback systems: 安裝在椅背上的娛樂系統
punctuality: 準時
standard equipment: 標準設備

A new report from Juniper Research has forecast that commercial aircraft adopting in-flight Wi-Fi services will reach 14,419 globally by 2022, up from an estimated 5,243 in 2017. This will mean that over half of the global fleet will offer such services in 2022, compared with just under a quarter this year.
Juniper Research 的一份新報告預測: 到2022年,採用機上 Wi-Fi 服務的商用飛機將在全球達到 14,419 架, 高於2017年預測的 5,243 架。這意味著, 相較今年只有不到四分之一, 超過一半的全球飛機將在 2022 年提供這樣的服務。

This increase will primarily be driven by the impact of the BYOD (bring your own device) trend, despite increased security concerns from several governments, primarily the US, which has given rise to the so-called ‘laptop ban’.
這一增長主要是受到 “帶你自己的設備裝置” 趨勢影響, 儘管有些政府對其安全問題顧慮上升, 就像美國引起了所謂的 “筆記型電腦禁令”。