Needs-Matching Home Care Services Could Provide Seniors Greater Independence 住在自己家裡的老年人需要有滿足他們需求的家庭照顧服務以提高更大的獨立性

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CBC NEWS: Enhanced home care could better match seniors’ needs, report says – July 11, 2017


residential care: long-term care: 安老院
health-care services: 健保服務
health-care systems: 健保系統
initial assessment: 初步評估
round-the-clock: 全天候
home care: 家庭護理
community-based supports: 社區援助
illuminate: 照亮
independence: 獨立
existing resources: 現有的資源

Typically, seniors who could be accommodated with home care might need light help with activities such as meal preparation and transportation. They generally have no cognitive impairments or early signs.
一般來說, 可以用家庭護理的老年人可能需要一些輕微的幫助,例如準備餐食和提供交通車。 他們一般沒有認知障礙或認知障礙的早期跡象。

Seniors often say they prefer to live in their own home. Having home care services that match their needs could allow greater independence.
老年人經常說自己喜歡住在自己家裡。 擁有滿足他們需求的家庭照顧服務可以提高更大的獨立性。