Don’t Leave Your Kids Alone in the Car, Even Just for Few Minutes 就算只是離開幾分鐘, 不要把你的孩子留在車裡

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CTV NEWS: ‘Your children could have died’: Officer yells at mom for leaving kids in hot car – July 7, 2017


SUV = sport utility vehicle: 運動型休旅車
grocery shopping: 買菜
face charges: 面對刑事指控
gravity: seriousness: 嚴重性
sunroof: 天窗
witness video: 見證視頻
two children in distress: 兩個受苦的孩子
left in a hot car: 被留在熱車裡
full-on response: 全面反應
cement pillar: 水泥柱
dehydrated: 脫水
heatstroke: 中暑
the seriousness of what she’d done to her children: 她對她孩子所做的嚴重性
The dog was foaming at the mouth: 狗口吐白沫
on scene: 現場

“You don’t seem to understand the danger you put your children in,” he says to the woman. “The windows were up – it’s hot out. Your children could have died.”
“妳似乎不明白妳把孩子放在車內的危險” 他(警察)對那女子(母親)說。”窗戶起來了, 很熱, 妳的孩子們可能死了。”

“When it’s hot like this, the best place for your pets is to leave them at home so they can be safe and cool. And children should go without saying, please take your children with you. Don’t leave them in the car. It’s too hot for everyone, pets or people.”
“像這樣熱的時候,對你的寵物的最佳地方就是把他們放在家裡,讓他們安全和涼快。孩子們更不用說, 請把孩子帶在妳的身邊。不要把他們留在車裡。 留在車裡對每個人或寵物都太熱了。”

According to the Canada Safety Council, the inside of a previously air-conditioned vehicle can reach 50 C within 20 minutes sitting in the sun — well above the temperature when heatstroke kicks in.
根據加拿大安全委員會,早先開了空調的車, 在陽光下車內溫度在20分鐘內可達50℃ – 遠高於中暑時的溫度。